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Boxing Gym, CrossFight Fitness, APEX Practical/Tactical Self-Protection and Counter Terrorism Training Programs, Nutritional Counselling, Functional Strength and Conditioning, Family Workouts, Kids Programs, Women’s Self Defense Courses, Weight Loss & Body Shaping Transformations.


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Best of fighting fitness plus functional strength and conditioning… plus APEX Defense System!
A true synthesis of the world’s greatest workouts, Boxing, circuit training, and self-defense solutions.

Seasonal, Sundays at 10:00an – 11:00am


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Old school Philly Boxing instruction. No MMA, no kicks, no BJJ, no BS… real Boxing, footwork, body movement, conditioning, sparring, punching power, combinations, ring strategy, and more !!!

MONDAY & WEDNESDAY at 6:30PM (included in the CrossFight class!)

Practical and tactical Israeli Hybrid self-protection system, created for every citizen and professional, from over 20 years of research and development with industry’s leading experts and combat veteran field operatives. APEX is simple, direct, and effective… engineered for worse case scenario solutions, providing effective training objectives, warrior mindset, and real life skills.

Monday at 7:30PM // Saturday at 10:45AM

What to do when you have a knife and you need it to help you in a life threatening self-protection scenario… knife and edged weapon training at its best! (Sparring is an element of this program)


Safest and most effective firearm training available. Stu Bryant is the only approved Israeli Combat Shooting (ICS) instructor in the U.S. and has been awarded the IPTT BLACK PATCH award for Counter Terror firearm skill out of only 5 recipients in the world.

APEX KIDS (7-12) & Mighty Mites (4-7)
MON – THUR @ 5:30pm

This awesome program is designed specifically for young students to be fun, challenging, and informative. We focus on 3 basic objectives; Fitness, Sports Specific Skill Training, and Practical Self-Defense. We offer goal setting achievement encouragement and students earn incremental levels of proficiency while practicing, getting in shape, and becoming safer, too!

TUESDAY & THURSDAY 10:00AM – 12:00PMphitkid

KidPHIT is a 501c3 charitable organization created by Stuart Bryant that provides no-cost Physical and Interactive training for children on the Autism spectrum. This awesome and revolutionary program is funded completely by donations from good people just like you.

Please visit the KidPHIT website to view some of our success stories and to make a donation to this great cause:

Private one-on-one coaching, self-defense, nutritional advice.

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“Making the world stronger and safer everyday.”

Stuart Bryant, Owner & Chief Instructor

  Stu Bryant, Owner/Chief Instructor, began Martial Arts training in 1973, he has trained with Pro Fighters, World Champions, Fight Trainers, Martial Art elite instructors, Active Duty and former Military Personnel, household name celebrities… and the world’s greatest fighters in the Ring, Mat, Octagon, and Combat Battlefield. Stu has trained active duty soldiers in every branch of our armed forces (including Special Forces) currently serving around the world, numerous Law Enforcement Officers, and is on-call for our nation’s elite defense force and security professionals.
   APEX Defensive System is combined in the Cross-Fight functional fighting fitness program, and Stu offers basic and advanced APEX TACTICAL training by appointment only (APEX Tactical Shooting, APEX Tactical Blade).
   Served as Chairman of the Board for the International Haganah Federation and was IHF Black Belt of the Year 2009. Stu has been Instructor Certified in numerous systems including: Boxing, Blade Warrior, Combat Fitness, Combat Wrestling, Israeli Combat Shooting, and earned the IPTT ‘Black Patch’ award for  urban counter terror firearm tactics. Black Belt in varied systems include: American Kickboxing, Filipino Modern Arnis Knife and Blade Fighting, Okinawan Ryu Kyu Kempo. and more. (complete list of belts and certs available upon request)
Stu created KidPHIT, a 501c3 charitable organization that provides no-cost physical and interactive training to children on the Autism spectrum, the program is completely paid for by donations. More info @
   ‘Making the World Stronger and Safer Everyday’ is Stu’s mission and motto, constantly evolving his training and systems to better serve his clientele… Best Never Rest !!!

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