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Fitness, Weight Loss, Functional Strength , Metabolic Conditioning, Boxing, Kickboxing, Selfdefense, Nutritional Counseling and much more.

5,000 square foot 24hr access state-of-the-art-world-class training facility that offers group classes, private training, and 24hr access gym to its members.

Multi-Station heavy bags, weights, kettle bells, treadmills, elliptical, power rack, TRX and Suspension Training Stations, rock climbing wall, 20 foot climbing rope, speed ramp, medicine balls, ab wheels and slings, truck tires, sledge hammers, boat chains, training ladders, cones and more so you’ll never get bored of your workout.


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Our full range of classes is listed below. Check out the description & find the program that fits your goals.


LIMITED TIME OFFER! New students receive a free pair of Boxing Gloves at sign-up and cool t-shirt. Call today! combat_fitness_msma1

A synthesis of the greatest functional fighting fitness protocols and work-out regimens: that’s Cross-Fight.

Created for fighters and soldiers to be a quick deployment training method, Cross-Fight is an awesome system of workouts that includes Dynamic Warm-up, boxing and fighting skill combinations, heavy bag and pads, partner drills, High Intensity Interval, Circuits, Suspension Resistance Strength training, cardio, strength, agility and more.

TUESDAY & THURSDAY @ 11:00AM – 1:00PM / 3:30PM – 6:30PM

Work-Out on YOUR schedule with 30 min High Intensity Circuit, metabolic and functional strength awesomeness!!!

During the posted schedule we will coach and motivate you through this great circuit training program, on your schedule, NO WAITING. C’mon in and get right to working out.You’ll be done and out the door in 30 minutes.

The circuit will be posted so you can DIY 24 hrs every day. Workouts change daily, never boring, so you can challenge yourself and supercharge your circuit by substituting posted exercises at your stations!


LIMITED TIME OFFER! New students receive a free pair of Boxing Gloves at sign-up and cool t-shirt. Call today!xbx

XBX, or Xtreme Boxing, is oldschool Philly Boxing! No kicks, no MMA, no Wrestling, no BJJ. Real boxing class where we cover punching power, footwork, conditioning, head and body movement, combinations, ring strategy, sparring (not required, but you know you want to) and expert coaching.

Phillyhas long been regarded as a boxing town, many champs and world champs have lived and trained here and we’re keeping this tradition alive. C’mon in and find out why Philly Fighters are the toughest in the world and learn how to be a champion in the ring, and in your life.


LIMITED TIME OFFER! Only $299, includes range fees and equipment rental.

ICS is the world’s safest and most effective firearm training platform and is offered as it is deployed in the IDF. Stu Bryant is the only approved ICS instructor in the U.S. and has been awarded the IPTT BLACK PATCH award for Counter Terror firearm skill out of only 5 recipients in the world.

Important Course Details:

You will learn body positioning, essential basic safety, concealment, Charge On-Target, multiple target, movement, closing distance, jam correction, tactical reload, Secure Space, clearing Unsecured Space and much more.

  • Each level of course approximately 4 hours total
  • Includes dry-fire practice and live fire training on range
  • Semi Automatic Pistol and AR Rifle platforms
  • Each level course will require 250-400 rounds (not included)
  • Criminal Background check required at no additional cost



LIMITED TIME OFFER! Try a free class as our guest anytime and find out why APEX leads the pack.

World’s most practical and tactical haganah_msma5method of self-protection because it’s based on universal principles of combat… movement, engagement, use of force, and objective outcome. APEX has been created from 20+ years of practical training and experience with elite instructors and field operatives… Martial arts experts in conjunction with  military combat veterans and Law Enforcement officers.

APEX course material is taught in a rotational curriculum that focuses on the most effective strategies and tactics to deal with attacks and threats.Techniques and scenarios are represented in 3 areas of hands-on training: unlimited space (big area), limited space (confined area), and on the ground. The most common weapons (handgun, knife) are utilized in addition to empty hand engagements.

APEX is the best of the best, and the best never rest… APEX is continually evolving to meet the needs of our community.

TUESDAY & THURSDAY 10:00AM-12:00PM (gym is closed to the public)phitkid

KidPHIT is a 501c3 charitable organization created by Stuart Bryant that provides no-cost Physical and Interactive training for children on the Autism spectrum. This awesome and revolutionary program is funded completely by donations from good people just like you.

Please visit the KidPHIT website to view some of our success stories and to make a donation to this great cause:

gymlocationPrivate one-on-one coaching, self-defense, nutritional advice. 

Scheduled by appointment. Stop by the gym at 342 Hannum Ave, West Chester, PA 19382

Call today 610-888-8212

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CrossFight2Go is your answer to never going to a gym, health club, or martial arts studio again. Expert trainers travel to your location and provide outstanding training in fitness, nutrition, self-defense, boxing, kick-boxing on your schedule.

Private and semi-private sessions available at home training, corporate centers, parks, playgrounds, you name it.

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Get your FREE evaluation and goal planning today. All prices are quoted upfront: no bs, no surprises. Call immediately 610-888-8212!


Stuart Bryant, Owner & Chief Instructor

Over 25 years of professional experience as a Martial Arts Educator, Coach, Trainer, and Instructor with over 40 years of training and experience in the world’s most effective sport and combat fighting systems including: Boxing/KickBoxing. Haganah, Karate, Modern Arnis, Combat Wrestling, BJJ, MMA, Tactical Knife Fighting, Israeli Professional Tactical Training, and more.

Mr. Bryant has trained numerous service personnel currently serving in every branch of our Armed Forces, Special Forces, and Law Enforcement communities. In addition, Stu is the creator of CROSS-FIGHT, CRAZY 8 FITNESS, APEX DEFENSE SYSTEMS, XBX BOXING programs, and the founder of KidPHIT a 501c3 charitable organization that provides no-cost physical and interactive training for children on the Autism spectrum.

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